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Business Plan Drafting, Business Strategy, and Business Consulting:

RW serves companies at any stage through consulting and analytical services designed to calibrate their model, presentation, and fundraising viability. Our value lies in forging a potent narrative that speaks to accredited and institutional investors by conveying the core strengths of a venture as an investment opportunity. Given our experience we recognize that cogent, persuasive language flows from a studied understanding of a client’s operation, coupled with a well-honed understanding of their industry in general. Moreover, our approach is further enhanced by our insight in what makes marketing materials effective at capturing investor attention.

What We Do:

We provide companies the skillset to really assess the relative strengths and weaknesses of their model, their message, and their marketing materials to maximize credibility. We accomplish this goal through some or all the following:
  • Solidifying the target goals of the company
  • Assuring the business plan accurately and persuasively conveys these goals
  • Assessing the company assets through due diligence including an audit and review of intellectual property licenses and protection
  • Designing a viable offering structure, including the corporate entity form
  • Assuring that a private placement offering is the optimal route versus the public securities market
  • Sourcing and vetting viable investor and capital source targets
  • Prepping the various marketing materials as foundation for legal offering document drafting process Assuring the presentation materials used by our clients are Presentation Ready as further described below

Our Presentation Ready Service for Visually Impactful Offering Documents

Typically for most issuers, PPMs and private placement offering documents are severely hampered by dry text-only content with little to no attention given to how these materials impact the audience. While our PPMs and offering documents are custom drafted to the highest standard possible, we offer services to further enhance their visual power and hence the quality of the client’s investor presentation.

Our Presentation Ready PPMs provide the client documents that significantly and dramatically increase the impact of its presentation as well as investor perception. Using our service we assure that each Presentation Ready PPM is custom modified with high quality, tasteful graphic design to achieve this purpose.

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