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RW Law's Mission

RW recognizes the void in the small business arena for cost effective capital formation legal and consulting services. Hence our firm was established to provide startup, small cap, midcap, and growth stage companies the full gamut of services to successfully implement a Regulation D private placement offering, without prohibitive fees. In serving its clients, RW strives to provide the highest level of service and satisfaction, acting as both solution provider and guide.

  • Established to provide full service gamut
  • Eliminates prohibitive fees
  • Acts as solution provider and guide

With Whom We Work

We pride ourselves on working with clientele who have momentum, potential, and great teams. In addition, we have particular experience addressing the needs of early stage companies as well as growth stage companies, including working with their unique, high intensity environments. Since we are a boutique legal and consulting services firm, our nimble footprint provides greater value and level of service to these clients than larger operations. Where other operations look to maximize revenue by minimizing client contact, we measure performance by our clients’ long term success.

  • Clientele with momentum, potential, and great teams
  • Clientele with unique, high intensity environments
  • We provide greater value/service than larger operations

What Makes Our Team & Services Different

We understand there are many options available to create and conduct a Regulation D or crowdfunding private placement offering. Making the choice to work with RW comes down to our deep experience, bespoke solutions to unique client challenges, total service offerings, and effective pricing. Unlike many other operations, we do not produce high-volume “factory” style work. Rather, we consistently provide individually tailored solutions, driven by our team’s deal experience, multi-industry experience and attention to investor sensibilities.

Our firm is a uniquely effective blend of legal and business disciplines; a total solution for clients faced with a capital raising landscape which demands both legal and business savvy. While typical consultancies are familiar with investor marketing and typical law firms are familiar with the law, most lack the practical experience to cost effectively marry the two.
Moreover, we know from experience framing an investment opportunity requires effective messaging through well-presented content. Hence, we provide our clients with materials that boast clear, concise, and visually persuasive presentation that effectively conveys the story of their investment proposition.

  • Deep experience, bespoke, total offering, effective pricing
  • Legal and business savvy for capital raising
  • Clear, concise, and visually persuasive presentation materials
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